Conference location & accommodation



Accommodation fees:

Single room: 80 Euro/night (3 meals included)

1 place in double room: 50 Euro/night (3 meals included)

To make a room reservation during the Conference please fill in the form that you can download  here  and send it to the following email adress:

*Note: It is better and safer to send the form to hotel in PDF format. The deposit requested must cover only the accomodation price, not with the extra-services included. If you want to request extra services please write them in the “Notes” field in the accommodation form.

For additional informations you can call Hotel Ecoresort Le Sirenè  at this number: +390833202536

For additional day over the conference Hotel Ecoresort Le Sirenè  offers you accommodation at the same negotiated price per room.

**Note: All the informations are requested by Hotel Ecoresort Le Sirenè and you are sending them directly to Hotel Ecoresort Le Sirenè in order to accomodate you during the conference. The organizers of the conference do not interfere in your relationship with Hotel Ecoresort Le Sirenè and do not collect any sensitive data regarding you.

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