International Conference in Law, Public Administration and Medicine 10th edition

Facing the 21st century challenges – uncertainties in sustainability

November 3 - 4, 2022, Versailles, France

Sovata has everything you need for a great holiday destination. Sovata is a place full of beneficent, magical energy. In Sovata, everything starts with mud and salt and ends with healing.

Sovata is a resort that has gained fame both nationally and internationally. Salt water, mud and climate make this destination a real boon for people with joint, gynecological, respiratory and dermatological problems. The treatments carried out in order to solve and ameliorate these diseases have proved their effectiveness and have become emblems for the Sovata resort.

Main attractions:

  • Bear Lake and its chain of lakes, Salt Mountain, Praid Salt Mine, Surrounding Landscapes
  • UNESCO site, Sighișoara and Biertan
  • Forests, hiking, climbing, bear watching safari expeditions, balloon rides

Shuttle airport transfer

  • Depending on the number of requests, the hotel will also be able to arrange the transfer from the airport.

 We will soon return with the procedure to follow.